Product Review: Precor C966i Treadmill

Precor C966i Treadmill

Precor C966i Treadmill

The Precor C966i treadmill is a strong, sturdy ‘runners’ treadmill that features a monster 4.0 motor that can go from 0-16 mph, and even has a negative decline option.  The unit has what they term ‘ground effects’ or shock absorption that minimizes the impact on a person’s knees, ankles, and lower back.  The unit has a large deck size as well a 20 x 60 inches plenty of room to move around on the treadmill and not feel cramped.  Another thing I really like is the extended hand rails on the sides really give you a sense of security and plenty of places to grab if  you slip.

You really just cannot go wrong with purchasing any Precor treadmill especially the Precor 966i treadmill.  You get a top of the line brand name along with the unbelievable specs precor upholds.  Compared to going into a local retail store and looking at brand new Precor treadmill for 2 or 3 times the money, this unit really makes a lot of sense in the mid $2000 range.  You get a large deck, large motor, 15% incline, -3% decline, and plethora of programs.  Recently, I was at a casino in Vegas, one afternoon I decided to go for a run and saw that they had this exact same gym treadmill.  I was impressed, great choice! because these units really are a pleasere to use and they do produce fantastic results for any novice or expert user if your willing to put in the work.

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