Life Fitness 95XI Review

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical
is the staple for the Life Fitness Brand as the Precor EFX 546 is the staple of the Precor brand . Smooth, strong, sleek, these are words that best describe the Life Fitness Gym Equipment.

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical

Life Fitness tends to turn everything they make into the best most reliable fitness equipment in the industry. They are good all across the board with cardio and strength excersize equipment, and the Life Fitness 95xi is the rule not an exception.

Starting with the console, the unit features 26 exercise programs and 25 levels of resistance, that is a ton of options for any piece of fitness equipment. You have the standard programs and also some heart rate programs that adjust the resistance based upon your actual current heart rate. The 95xi is Polar compatible which means you can put a chest strap on and see your heart rate continuously while you are on the unit working out.

The actual motion is very smooth and makes this elliptical a fun machine to use. The ergonomic upright posture mimics a sprinters running motion for optimal performance. This upright posture gives the user a sprinting feel similar to running on a track. The beauty of the machine is the minimal impact on a users joint, ankles, knees, and lower back. The actual base unit itself is made of steel and has a refined and elegant feel to it.

The Life Fitness 95xi is a unit that feels similar to riding in a nice car. Anyone who calls and talks to me on the phone (1-888-348-6728..ask for The Fitness Guru) or reads reviews what I write will hear me compare the Life Fitness brand to the brand Lexus of cars. They are both refined, sturdy, long lasting machines with great re-sale values. Not too mention you always see a plethora of Life Fitness products in gyms nationwide as you see Lexus in nice upscale neighborhoods.

Bottom line is this, the unit is top notch for your money. You CANNOT go wrong with Life Fitness equipment, period. You will see piece of junk knock offs of the Life Fitness 95xi, but there is only ONE, make no mistake. Tell you what, call me now and ask for the Fitness Guru at One Shot Fitness and purchase a unit for your home or gym and I’ll throw in a free mat and heart rate monitor and we’ll talk about your fitness goals together.


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