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Stairmaster 4600

Stairmaster was first introduced by Lanny Potts in 1983. When he first began the stair climber business, he first introduced the company with the invention of the StairMaster 5000. In 1986, StairMaster became even a bigger hit when they earned their reputation as one of the top manufactures of fitness equipment. They introduced the Stairmaster 4400 which is an earlier version of the Stairmaster 4600. The Stairmaster 4600, similar to the Stairmaster 4400 is made with two pedals. Unlike the Stairmaster 7000, it does not look like a flight of stairs.

Stairmaster 4600

In May 2002, Stairmaster was bought out by Nautilus, Inc. Nautilus, Inc is another world leader fitness equipment manufacturer and is known to create finesses equipment such as Bowflex, Schwinn, and Trimline. Stairmaster 4600 is known for their high standard, high-quality, state-of-the-art climbing machines. Since they introduced the StepMill, they have formed themselves to be one of the world’s finest fitness facilities. Stairmaster is known for their ability to combine vision, innovation, research, and unsurpassed quality into each of their machines to create the top of the line stepping machines. Stairclimbers and steppers are one of the toughest machines to exercise on. Unlike a treadmill or an elliptical, steppers are a constant challenge because they are always on an incline. The Stairmaster 4600 is the newest edition to the Stairmaster family and is packed with tons of great features to help burn more calories.

Stairmaster 4600

The Stairmaster 4600 is the newest compact stepper offering large pedals to fit feet of any size. Also, they are soft to create the highest comfort. The design of the Stairmaster 4600 is ergonomically fit and has new side handrails to fit the comfort of any user. The handrails however, prevent cheating which helps the user engage their lower body muscles. With speed ranging from 26-174 steps per minute, anyone can get the best workout of their lives all in the comfort of their own home or in a gym without having to run up and down a mountain.

Stairmaster 4600 Stepper

The Stairmaster 4600 has 20 resistance levels to challenge anyone of any size. Equipped with 6 workout programs the Stairmaster 4600 is capable of targeting any audience. Unlike other fitness equipment, the Stairmaster 4600 is manual and can be cordless. It is easy to place in anywhere in the home or gym without the fear of having to plug it in. Also, the machine is so compact and is upright that it takes up little space in the gym or home.

With its easy to use capabilities, the user is able to change and modify their workout while working out, thus they do not have to lower their heart rate to change to their desired training. Also, the great aspect of this machine is when the user steps onto the pedals, the pedals remain stable allowing the user to set their preferences to their liking without having one pedal fall to the floor. Unlike other fitness equipment, the Stairmaster 4600 is worth every penny and will provide a workout similar to climbing hills unlike walking up a treadmill.

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