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Precor EFX

Precor EFX

When a person, whether it’s the everyday walker or the everyday hardcore runner, when they think to purchase an elliptical, Precor EFX is who they think of first. Precor EFX is a collection of Precor ellipticals and treadmills called Experience Series. It’s one of Precor’s top commercial line of products made with the largest advancements in elliptical history. Precor EFX ellipticals are greatly known for their trustworthy line of products because they are created high in quality. They are also very durable, comfortable, and luxurious. Precor EFX ellipticals have luxury components built in to create the maximum indoor running experience. Some of the Precor EFX ellipticals are also cordless which makes them easy to with in the home or in any business facility. Precor EFX

Precor EFX ellipticals are created with ergonomically correct handrails preventing the user to fall or cause any type of injury. The design and exterior of the Precor EFX series are created with a welded steel frame. This makes prolongs the durability of the machine making it very low maintenance and worth every penny spent. The tap display consoles on the Precor EFX are also very advanced. Though they are made with advance technology, it is a very easy to use console. It shows the usual, the user’s heart rate, speed, pace, distance, and etc. Also, Precor EFX ellipticals are so easy to use and it gives anyone the option to maximize their workout by providing the ability to adjust the resistance.

Precor EFX

The focus of the Precor EFX elliptical is that it focuses on CrossRamp technology. Unlike Life Fitness ellipticals, CrossRamp technology is a ramp attachment on the elliptical that allows the user to focus on different muscles on the lower body. Instead of moving arms, the user is mainly focusing on their legs. This innovative technology basically allows the user to incline or decline in height. The great aspect of it is that they can adjust it easily throughout their workout and on most Precor EFX, there are set programs such as hills or random which allows the machine to adjust for you while you’re workout. In turn, this provides a challenge because you are constantly changing your workout. The Precor 5.17i Elliptical for example has 4 different programs and has 20 resistance levels. It is one of the many ellipticals under the Precor EFX series.

Another Precor EFX product is the Precor 966i Experience Series Treadmill. This treadmill is filled with over 30 programs which mixes and matches a variety of speed, incline to provide a total body workout. The Precor 966i EFX is advanced with 4.0 horsepower and Ground Effect Impact Control system, which is a similar technology to the Star Trac’s SoftTrac, which is a soft running surface. For those who have joint injuries, the Ground Effect Impact Control System helps prevent fear of pain on the legs and back.

Precor EFX Series

Precor EFX ellipticals and treadmills can be easy found in any commercial gym. When going into any well known gym such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, or Ballys Total Fitness, Precor EFX is found almost everywhere. One of the most used equipment are cardio machines because many athletic runners have bad joints on their shins and knees making it difficult to run on cement or any hard running surface outdoors. Precor EFX makes it easy to manage and maintain a challenging cardio workout indoors.

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