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Precor EFX 556

Precor EFX 556

When you think about the best way to get a complete total body no-impact cardio workout what comes to mind?  Yes, the Precor EFX 556 will do the trick, better than most others actually.  There are a few main factors that set this elliptical apart from the competition.  First, the arm movement, this allows for a total body workout where you can work the upper and lower body together.  Another important factor is the smooth ergonomically correct elliptical motion that is based on the natural motion of our regular walking and running stride.  So in other words you get a better workout than you would get running since the Precor EFX 556 has a lower rate of perceived exertion.  This means you are working out harder and being more productive without feeling as if you are working out any harder.  It’s all about efficiency.

Precor EFX 556

So you might be asking what makes a Precor EFX 556 different from the Precor EFX 546, and the answer would be an adjustable crossramp (being able to adjust the incline of your stride).  What you get in return is arm movement.  52% of people actually prefer the 556 elliptical because they feel it offers a better cardio workout.  Both Precor models give you an amazing workout; it really just comes down to personal preference.

Precor EFX 556

On the Precor EFX 556 Elliptical your stride is going up a fixed ramp at 25 degrees, this position is ideal for an effective workout that gives you a full range of motion. This feature adds to the overall effectiveness of the cardiovascular workout.  The elliptical is designed to workout your chest, arms, mid-section, buttocks, legs and calves you no longer have to use 5 different machines taking 5 times as long to get the workout your body needs to stay in shape.

Working both forward and in reverse you can simply change pedaling direction to target a different muscle group, with the fluid movement you get on this elliptical there is also no jarring movement.  If you need help with your workout just use one of the 6 pre-programmed courses to help guide you through your workout which is displayed on a large LED screen for clarity.  One of the coolest features on this Precor EFX 556 is the fact that it is 100% self-powered, you generate the electricity needed to run the electronics. No need to make sure there is an outlet close by, this opens up the options of where you want to place the elliptical in your gym or home.  Precor decided to go the extra mile and make this elliptical extremely user friendly, and it definitely shows.

Weighing in at 220 lbs this Precor EFX 556 is a serious elliptical crosstrainer.  It is made to withstand the vigor of being used 24/7 in a fully commercial gym.  Users of all fitness levels can all get an amazing workout by using any of the 20 resistance levels on the Precor EFX 556.  If you get a chance, give this Precor Elliptical a try and see for yourself what kind of cardio workout you can get from this piece of fitness equipment!

There are many different versions of this Precor Elliptical, If you have any questions or need help finding an elliptical that will fit your needs give us a call today!  We would be more than happy to give you a hand with anything you need.

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