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Precor EFX 546

Precor EFX 546

Precor is one of the main leaders and most trusted companies in the fitness equipment industry over the past 30 years, though it wasn’t until 1994 that the game was changed with the revolutionary concept of a no Impact (yet still effective) cardio workout by using a simple elliptical motion. An elliptical is designed to move the legs in an elliptical motion that keeps your legs moving without the jarring action of a treadmill or Stairmaster, thus relieving the pressure on the legs, particularly the knees.  The legs on the Precor EFX 546 move constantly, similar to cycling, but in a manner more consistent with running, increasing the range of motion of the muscles. This way you are getting a good muscular workout and a great cardio workout all while saving the knees and ankles! When you are exercising on this Precor EFX 546 you can immediately feel how the natural movement combined with the ergonomic design will improve your workout by making It more efficient and versatile.  This design was so important because it allowed users a cardio workout that is comparable if not more targeted than running.  Another key benefit was that now people with injuries had an accessible piece of fitness equipment that still allowed them to workout and stay in shape when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get such an amazing workout so easily.   The creation of the Precor EFX 546 has changed the way people workout and has become a staple in commercial fitness centers across the country.

Today if you walk into almost any health club across the country you are sure to find a Precor EFX 546 because of the superior quality and overall user experience.  Completely self powered you can step right up onto the footpads and begin your cardio workout so it is for users of all skill levels.

Precor EFX 546

Aesthetically speaking you can’t ask for much more from the Precor EFX 546, it was designed so that it could fit into any environment and stand up to the task.  As funny as it sounds looks play a big role when it comes down to which machines users go on while at the gym so Precor decided to make the superior quality machine that was also beautifully designed, so in other words weather you use this Precor EFX 546 at your health club or you buy one for your home, You get to have your cake and eat it too!Precor EFX 546

The Precor EFX 546 weighs 230lbs, has 8 different training programs and an adjustable crossramp between 13-40 degrees (This allows you to control which muscle groups you want to target, allowing for a more customized and versatile workout). The frame is made of solid steel and is one uni-welded piece or in other words its extremely strong and durable. Precor definitely made this elliptical with the intentions of heavy club usage, so if you decide to have one in your home it will last all the longer.  In a general sense, the EFX 546 just feels good and is enjoyable to use allowing you to stay healthy and have fun at the same time!

The Precor EFX 546 Elliptical does not have arm movement; it only has the moveable crossramp.  If you want to workout your upper body and are willing to sacrifice the adjustable crossramp you should take a look at the Precor EFX 556 Elliptical it is the exact same machine just switch out the crossramp for arm movement.  Now if your not willing to settle and you want both features you should take a look at the Precor EFX 576, it has both features for the ultimate workout.  Remember, when you are in the market for a Precor Elliptical, take your time, do your research, and make sure you are getting a machine that fits your needs and is within your budget.

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