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Precor Bike

Precor Bike

Since 1984, Precor bikes have been known to be one of the top fitness bikes in the fitness industry. Since 1990, Precor is known for their amazing line of treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes for both the home and commercial gym. Many of the Precor bikes are easily found in the local gyms. Built with welded steel frames and strong suspensions and belts, Precor bikes are built to last due to its durability and high quality. They are extremely low maintenance and have a strong design to withstand damage.

Precor bikes are best known for the commercial units. They are built to last and known for their amazingly unique style. Precor bikes come in both recumbent and upright. The upright Precor bike resembles more of a traditional road bike that you would ride outdoors. However the recumbent, you sit a little lower and not upright. The benefit of the upright bike is that you can sit up like on a traditional bike and pedal to create more of a challenge. It is much easier for the rider to sprint or give the buttocks a rest. However, for some the upright could be uncomfortable. For those who do not have long legs, it could be difficult to extend. Recumbent bikes on the other hand are unique. They provide a much more comfortable ride than the upright. Some benefits are that they allow you to sit normally as you would on a chair and also the enormous flywheel. Overall, the upright is much small than the recumbent however what the upright lacks in length it makes up in height.

Precor Bike

Precor Bike

Take the Precor C846 for example; it is a very light to moderate use commercial machine. It is durable which provides any home user to use it as much as they please and they would not wear it out. This Precor bike is a very versatile machine and is ready for any casual user. It imitates outdoor riding and provides strong muscle improvement on the lower body. It has a high comfort level and for a serious athletic, this machine could also provide a strenuous workout provided that they use long hours and intense training. Like many of the other Precor bikes, the C846 also has a very unique design. It has new innovative technology which makes the display easy to use and also fun to use. Its look is unique and has many extra features that the old models to now have.

Precor Bike Recumbent

The overall goal of a Precor bike is to provide an outdoor riding experience while indoors and to promote a comfortable ride. Also, the seats on the Precor Bikes are ergonomically correct to promote perfect posture.

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