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Life fitness

Life Fitness

Life Fitness Information

In 1968, Brunswick Corporation, a Fortune 500 company created a lower division called Lifecycle, which was later renamed to Life Fitness. Life Fitness was created by the mastermind Keene P. Dimick. Life Fitness is one of the most trusted treadmill, bike, and elliptical fitness machine manufactures in the world. They are known to create strong heavy-duty, durable, and low maintenance commercial fitness equipment for health gyms. Their products are fully loaded and featured with tons of accessories.

Life Fitness Recumbent

In 1983, Bally Manufacturing Corporation purchased Life Fitness. If you look closely at all the Life Fitness equipment in the gym, you will see Bally Manufacturing Company on the label. With the backing of Bally Corporation, Life Fitness quickly rose to the top to be one of the makers of cutting edge fitness equipment. Today, Bally Corporation remains a top competitor among all the other major gyms in the globe. Life Fitness 95ci

Life Fitness has over 1,700 employees at over 12 international subsidiaries and manufacturing warehouses. They also have over 186 dealers and distributors in over 120 countries. Up to date, they have more than 300 different cardio and strength fitness products for both the home and commercial line. Life Fitness also holds 50 patents in the United States, making them one of the world leaders in fitness equipment manufacturing.

Life Fitness Equipment

Life Fitness carries bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. These three are major sellers all over the world. They are perfect in any home or commercial gym. One of the high end Life Fitness treadmills is he Life Fitness 9500 HR Treadmill which is created with its patented Flex Deck Shock absorption system. This is created to reduce impact on the knees and ankles of the runner or walker. Often times, prolonged runners or elderly injure their lower bodies due to dress on their ankles and knees from walking too much on cement. The Flex Deck Shock absorption system is a built in system that will help the extra shock Life Fitness 95rionto the feed, thus reducing injuries. Another great aspect of the Life Fitness 9500HR treadmill is its large running surface. This is great for those who run wide and have long strides. The Life Fitness 9500HR is also equipped with a 4.0 horsepower motor making it run much more efficiently than other brands. The difference between the Life Fitness 9500HR treadmill and other treadmills is that it is has a built in Lifepulse heart rate monitoring system with hand-touch sensors on its Ergo bar and Polar telemetry system. With the newest model, these accessories come as a standard. This model is also equipped with two large water bottle holders and an accessory tray large enough to hold books.

Life Fitness 9500

Another great at treadmill is also the Life Fitness 95Ti. This machine is fully loaded with 28 workout programs such as hills, random, manual, and goal based workouts and also 5 other ZoneTraining workouts. It features a drive of 0-12 miles per hour and is powered by a 4.0 horsepower motor. Also the incline on this machine varies from 0-15% making it better than the average treadmill. Designed and built with a welded steel frame and floor savor pivoting rear legs, The Life Fitness 95Ti is built to last. Also it comes with an integrated designed accessory tray and reading rack making it quite fun to workout. The Life Fitness 95Ti is also very safe. It has non-slip grip side rails and ergonomically correct handlebars to promote better health and safety.

Life Fitness 9500 Dovetail

The Life Fitness 95T-Inspire is also a top seller from Life Fitness. The difference between this treadmill and others is its Stride Sensor. The Stride Sensor has the capability to detect when a user gets off the machine. When the user leaves the machine, the belt stops after a brief moment. This is great because on top of the emergency stop button, whenever a user is in a quick hurry to get off, they can get off safely. The Life Fitness 95T-Inspire also has a workout tracking device. Any user can utilize the USB connectivity to great, plan, track, and manage their workouts. The display console of this Life Fitness treadmill also has iPod integration, a Virtual Trainer Landscape, and advanced technology all in one. It imitates an outdoor running experience without the damage to the lower body joints while integrating sight, sound, and performance all in one machine! Unlike other treadmills, The Life Fitness 95T- Inspire also has a DVDCD Laptop Compatibility. If an attachable TV is purchased, the user can connect any DVD, CD player, or laptop and watch their favorite shows or listen to their favorite songs while working out. Breaking a sweat has never been so fun! Every aspect of this treadmill is amazing. Built with an amazing display that gives a visual landscape of a track, this Life Fitness treadmill knows how to improve a user’s workout by providing immediate results.Life Fitness Bike

Life Fitness ellipticals are also a great hit. Though Life Fitness is more known for them treadmill cardiovascular machines, their ellipticals are also very famous. Unlike Precor, Life Fitness’ ellipticals and cross trainers are built without ramps. Most of them have movable arms to encourage full body movement to provide a total body workout.

Life Fitness Cross Trainer

The Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the amazing elliptical cross trainers among all of the ellipticals. It is fully featured with 26 motivating workout programs, 5 interactive heart rate workouts compatible with a Polar Chest Strap, and 6 interval workouts. The display on this Life Fitness elliptical, unlike other models include an upper and lower level console which includes a numeric keypad. The numeric keypad is useful when the elliptical asks questions such as the weight, time, and level. The design of the display console is to allow users to read a magazine and program their workout simultaneously so that it does not disrupt the user. Even the handle bars on the Life Fitness 95Xi are amazing! The handle bars are specially designed to be in an ergonomically correct position to allow the user to exercise in a more natural position. The goal of the machine is to imitate a natural stride while engaging the entire body. There are also two types of handle bars on this machine. The other handle bars are moveable, allowing the user to exercise the upper body as well, whereas there are handlebars in the middle allowing the user to stabilize the upper body while only focusing on the lower body. The pedals on this elliptical also have a grip so that the feet stay in place. This entire elliptical cross trainer is a rear drive, meaning the power is coming from the back of the machine. Another favorite aspect of the Life Fitness 95Xi is its option of having two workout modes. The Cross-Train Aerobics and Cross-Tran Reverse allow the user to workout different parts of the leg muscles.

Life Fitness Elliptical

The Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical Cross-Trainer is very similar to the Life Fitness 95Xi. The difference in this machine is its oversized pedals. The oversized pedal design allows users to adjust their foot position comfortably to minimize lateral hip shifting, which overall reduces lower back stress. This is perfect for anyone who has either a narrow or wide stride. The Life Fitness 95X Inspire is also fully equipped with a heart rate monitoring system called LifePulse which are digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors conveniently placed on the ergonomically designed handlebars and also on t he bullhorns. This provides the user a precise reading of their heart rate. The amazing aspect of this machine is also that it can be very motivating. It has motivating prompts that are machine generated that prompts the user to remain motivate during the Cross-Train Reverse and Cross-Train Aerobic workouts.Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer

One of the smoothest total-body cardiovascular machines in the fitness industry is the Life Fitness 95Xe Crosstrainer. The Life Fitness 95Xe offers ergonomically correct handlebar movements and ellipse path. Also the oversized pedals are non-slip which makes the overall machine very safe and perfect for any fitness user. Another great feature is its large integrated LCD screen, which has a built-in Touch Screen Technology providing exercise, entertainment, and education. The integrated LCD system is powred by an Intel microprocessor and is one of the most advanced consoles in the fitness industry today. To create an even more ultimate workout, the Life Fitness 95Xe Elliptical also features a 20” stride length which provides an optimal lower body range of motion.

Life Fitness also has a great line of bikes. The main target of the Life Fitness bikes is to imitate outdoor bike riding whether it’s uphill or downhill to workout the entire lower body muscles. Life Fitness features a long line of upright, recumbent, and dove tail bikes.

Upright bikes are much like traditional road bikes. The design and functions are very similar because the seat is located directly over the pedals and the height is adjustable to accommodate the height of different riders. The advantage of the upright bikes is the fact that the rider can lift their body off the seal to pedal much like on a traditional road bike. This allows the user to use greater force and exertion to pedal, which in turn works the leg muscles even more. Also, it imitates climbing hills and sprinting much more than other bikes. On the downside, upright bikes are a bit more uncomfortable for long periods of time unless you are used to riding on road bikes.

Recumbent bikes on the other hand are much more comfortable because the user is seated in an ergonomically correct seat. Unfortunately, recumbent bikes take up more space because they are not tall like upright bikes. Recumbent bikes are more enjoyable and promote a more natural riding experience. The main difference between recumbent and upright bikes is their seating position. Recumbent bikes do not allow the user to stand up to use the body weight to stimulate hill climbing or sprinting. Dovetail bikes are similar to recumbent bikes. They are not upright but the seat is more upright than a recumbent bike. Lengthwise, the dovetail bike is shorter.

The Life Fitness 95CI Upright Bike features 27 seat height adjustments, making the bike suitable for anyone of any height.  It is equipped with a dual-level alphanumeric LED console and is featured with a heart rate montoring system. The Lifepulse hand sensors are built into the handles and has 29 built in workouts, including 5 Zone Training+ workouts. To make the workout even more entertaining, the Life Fitness 95CI Upright bike also has built in reading racks and accessory trays.

Life Fitness Treadmill

The Life Fitness 95RI Recumbent Bike is the latest self-powered lifecycle machine to hit the gym. It has a deluxe back support and seat and both side and front handlebars. It also has a built-in dual-level alphanumeric LED console and features heart rate monitoring. Like the 95CI Upright bike, it features 29 workouts, including 5 Zone Training+ workouts and Air Force PRT and Fit Test Protocols. For easy mobility, the recumbent bike also has front wheels.

Another great bike is the Life Fitness 9500HRT Dovetail. It has 6 pre-set programs including fat burn, cardio mode, fit test, hills, random, and heart rate control. Using the integrated handgrip sensors, the user is able to maintain their heart rate. The 9500HRT Dove Tail also has a built-in performance monitor that allows the user to track time, distance, calories, and calories per hour, RPM, Watts, and METs. The seat on the 9500HRT Dovetail has a recumbent high back seat and features basic contouring and side bolsters. The seats are ergonomically correct. The seat angles to a position where whatever your length is; your leg will be in the correct angle to prevent knee strain. Also, the pedals are equipped with comfortable straps to allow the user to ride pull the pedals easily.

Overall, Life Fitness has a long range of successful fitness equipment. Whether it’s a treadmill, elliptical, or a bike, every Life Fitness machine will satisfy your exercise needs. They are all created to fit anyone of any fitness level and to imitate real outdoor workouts. Life Fitness like any other brand has a large price tag that comes along with it however the value is worth every penny.


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