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Life Fitness Summit Trainers 95le – 7 Inch TV Screen

  • Tons of varying workouts!
  • Total body workout!
  • Intense workout options
View Details - Life Fitness Summit Trainers 95le – 7 Inch TV Screen

Challenge your most dedicated exercisers by offering this intense workout option. This machine offers the intense workouts they crave without stress and strain on their joints. The Summit Trainer is a low-impact, but tough, total-body workout that perfectly complements an established strength or cardio training routine.

SALE PRICE $ 3999.88 WEB PRICE $ 5895.00

Life Fitness 9500 HR Next Generation Stepper

  • Rugged Machine With Handle Bars In Two Positions!
  • Ultra Smooth, Compact Machine, Built For A Life Time!
  • Accessory Tray, Reading Rack, 20 Resistance Levels!!
View Details - Life Fitness 9500 HR Next Generation Stepper

Life Fitness SC 9500HR Lifestep stepper can radically step up your performance. Our smooth, independent stepping action engages more of your muscles in each leg and glute.

SALE PRICE $ 2429.33 WEB PRICE $ 3049.00

Life Fitness 95SI Stepper Machine

  • Side Handle Bars Give You Maximum Support During Workout!
  • 26 Workouts - WOW! - That's Alot Of Choices!
  • Built in Reading Rack - Learn While You Burn!
View Details - Life Fitness 95SI Stepper Machine

The Life Fitness Stepper 95Si is the pinnacle of commercially available steppers in the market today, the steppers IsoTrackā„¢ Climbing System can be compared to no other.

SALE PRICE $ 2865.22 WEB PRICE $ 4500.00
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