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Precor 546i Experience Series Elliptical with a TV!!

  • Optimize fat burn with Heart Rate Monitoring!
  • Don't miss your shows with the TV attachment!
  • Amazingly space efficient
View Details - Precor 546i Experience Series Elliptical with a TV!!

Precor 546i Elliptical Display featuring Tap Control Tactile paddles control CrossRamp® and resistance, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts. Touch heart rate monitor Easy-to-use handgrip sensors monitor heart rate. Heart rate telemetry helps keep the user in an aerobic workout, optimizing fat burn. CrossRamp® […]

SALE PRICE $ 3498.22 WEB PRICE $ 6999.00

Precor EFX 546i Elliptical – Cordless!!

  • Powder Grey Color Features Cordless Technology, NO PLUG NEEDED!
  • Contact Heart Rate, Adjustable Patented Precor Allows Users to Adjust Incline!
  • Soft Touch Display, Reverse Motion, It's a PRECOR!
View Details - Precor EFX 546i Elliptical – Cordless!!

The Precor Elliptical closely simulates natural movement, so you’re comfortable from the moment you start exercising. The unique elliptical motion minimizes impact to your joints and lower back while exercising the muscles of your lower body-the key to effective aerobic exercise.

SALE PRICE $ 2642.33 WEB PRICE $ 5999.00
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