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In today’s economic times, remanufactured or used gym equipment makes more sense than ever it you are looking $ave money. For example, the super popular Precor EFX 546 HR Elliptical cost over $6,000 brand new!  That’s a hefty price for most cash-strapped Americans today.  A remanufactured or Certified Pre-owned Precor is affordably priced in the mid $2,000 price range with new parts, powder coating, free shipping, and an extended warranty that is tops in the industry.  It just makes a lot of sense.  Think about it, you can purchase roughly 2.5 machines Certified Pre-Owned ellipticals for every one machine you purchase brand new.  Typically a company or small health club won’t put on the same wear and tear as a full fledged health club (ie Lifetime Fitness, Golds Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, etc.).  So if you have a scenario where you are providing a workout room for mulitiple people than think hard about going certified pre-owned. Save your money!  Think about it this way, if you need to, Precor ellipticals ($6,000 per unit), 2 Precor Treadmills ($5,000 per unit), and a Life Fitness bike ($3000 per unit) that would cost you $25000 + shipping and you would only be getting a one year warranty on labor.  If you were to purchase the same five units from One Shot Fitness the package would cost you $11,000 shipped with 5 free floormats and the same one year warranty!!  That’s a savings of $14000!! What could your company do with that much savings…

We’ve been selling quality gym equipment for almost a decade, call 1-888-348-6728 for huge $avings on your business. Hotels, Gyms, Health and Wellness Centers for Corporations, Fire and Police Stations, Schools, Cruise Ships, and Universities. We understand you are shopping around for the best deal, give us one call, ask for the Fitness Guru and give us an opportunity to earn your business.  At the very least you will come away more informed about the options for commercial fitness equipment.

Ask for ‘The Fitness Guru’ when you call and receive free 3 x 7 Floormats for every piece of equipment ordered!!

Interested in learning more about Certified Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment..CLICK HERE!!

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