Product Review: Precor 556 HR Elliptical

5561The Precor 556 HR Elliptical is the counterpart to the Precor 546 HR Elliptical except it features arm movement and a SET (non-adjustable) ramp at a 25 degree angle.  The unit is still the same Precor quality construction and many people have fallen in love with this unit.  Many people tell me they just ‘cannot live’ without the Precor 556 arm movement.  Furthermore, the 25 degree ramp position is ideal for a long workout that gives the user a full range of motion.  The unit is designed for an overall cardiovascular workut encompassing the upper and lower body.  Your chest, legs, buttocks, arms, hips, calves all get a equal fullfilling workout.

In the big scheme of things owning any Precor Elliptical is better than 99% of the other elliptical brands out there (excluding Life Fitness).  This unit is particularly attractive with its steel uni-welded frame, easy to use intuitive soft touch display, and ergonomic feel.  The unit stride is very natural for the typical user featuring a free flowing feel and natural posture.  I would take this unit with arm movement over virtually any other elliptical in the same ballpark. Don’t let others fool you into thinking that their private label off-brand elliptical is as good as a Precor. Think of it like this, what brand do you see in your local health club?  Chance are that most users are using a Precor so don’t take a chance with an elliptical purchase stick with the brand you know and trust, Precor.

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