Product Review: Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmill – Next Generation

Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmill Next Generation

Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmill Next Generation

The Life Fitness 9500 HR treadmill is probably the most popular treadmill in health clubs throughout the United States and Canada.  The unit is loaded with features including an auto wax system for the deck and belt, lifepulse heart rate monitoring system as well as a Ergo Bar across the middle for stability while on the machine.  This basically requires for NO MAINTENANCE and makes for a treadmill that will last a lifetime.  The unit also has a easy to use large display system with easy to reach buttons and features like: quick start, hill, interval, fit test, and manual.  Furthermore, the Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmill Next Generation also features large storage pockets for a water bottle, keys, Ipod, or any other accessory as well as reading rack for magazines or books!

The other great aspect of the Life Fitness 9500 HR treadmill is the construction. Quite simply, this is the treadmill that Life Fitness made their name on, the unit is made of a massive steel frame.  The deck and suspension leads a runner or jogger to really appreciate the premium shock absorption.  This will minimize impact on a person’s knees, ankles, back, and feet.

When One Shot Fitness sells a Life Fitness Remanufactured treadmill, we quite simply make it as close to ‘like new’ as possible.  This includes changing internal wear parts like the rollers, bearings, belts as well as sand blasting and powder coating the frame.  If you’re debating between a Certified Pre-Owned Life Fitness Treadmill and a generic off brand unit, this review should serve you well.  Quite simply, owning a Life Fitness Treadmill is similar to owning a nice luxury car like a Lexus, there is NO SUBSITUTE.



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