Welcome to One Shot Fitness and Arun’s Blog. As a person who has sold millions of $$$ in Commercial fitness equipment across the United States and all over the world I feel compelled to write about my experiences to better educate potential customers about purchasing. Even if look at our site, call us, but decide to purchase from another company, that’s fine. I just hope by reading about my experiences selling equipment, you will come away better informed before you make a purchase. I feel like this is my way of giving back to all the wonderful customers I have worked with over the years. Whether it was helping a busy mom with her fitness goals or assisting a small business in opening a training studio, I have learned a great deal about what type of equipment is needed for every individual situation. I created One Shot Fitness to fill what I thought was a huge void in the marketplace. Which is Direct Warehouse Pricing and Amazing Service, period.

I remember when I was a child growing up in Ohio going with my parents to purchase a large ticket item like a TV or Washer/Dryer. We would go into a warehouse, a salesperson would spend time educating us, there would be a little haggling with the price and we would always come away feeling great about our purchase. It was a good old-fashioned way of doing business in America, anyone else remember the 80s and 90s?

Let’s fast forward to today; Iphones, Facebook,, Carmax, etc., the world has really changed since my parent’s generation. People are busier and busier; traffic, kids, etc, no one has time to drive around and shop for a treadmill all day, internet purchases are going up every year. So One Shot Fitness decided to change with the world but keep a little piece of the old school.

What we’ve done is completely eliminate the middle man, when you buy from us our equipment is coming warehouse direct. No more middle man who has a retail store overhead and forces you to pay for his inventory! Furthermore, we decided to bring back the old fashioned way of treating people like they did in my parent’s generation. Call us (1-888-348-6728) and we’ll connect you with one of our Amazing Fitness Experts and talk about not only your fitness equipment needs but your overall fitness goals. We’ll spend whatever time it takes to make you feel comfortable. After you place an order, you will be able to contact your Amazing Fitness Expert about questions pertaining to your purchase. You are not calling a call center halfway across the world. You are speaking with an American raised Amazing Fitness Expert!! So if you’re unsure about what the difference between a recumbent and upright bike, try us!

Btw, check out this cool video a former customer made!!: (Thank You John for the free marketing, good karma!)

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