8 Ways to Exercise While You’re Busy

Are you always busy? Do you go to school and work back to back? Can you never find a minute to fit in working out? Throw away all the excuses because you can work out even while you’re busy. In fact, when you’re the most active, that is when you burn the most calories and speed up your metabolism.

1. Avoid the Elevator

Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Even if the stairs are on the other side of the office, take the stairs. Walking up and down the stairs is great cardio, especially when your office is five floors up. Stairs are great for your buns and thighs and it helps burn that extra calorie.

2. Park Far Far Away

Is close parking always full? That’s not actually a bad thing. The next time you drive to class or drive work, park on the highest level or as far as possible from your office. You might have to get there a little earlier but walking is great cardio and it helps pump your heart and metabolism before your busy day at work.

3. Don’t Sit On a Chair

Instead of sitting on a comfy chair where you can sit back to do your work. Balance yourself on an exercise ball. It will help tighten your abs, thighs, gluteals, leg muscles, and perfect your posture without a lot of effort. When you’re waiting on a call or taking a break, you can lean back and do a couple of ab crunches to intensify your workout.

4. Walk Around

Get a headset for your phone and walk the office when you’re on a call. Leave something important in your car so that you have to walk back to get it later in the day. When you’re done with your work, walk around to ask if there’s anything you can do to help  another co-worker or student. Got a file to email? Don’t email. Walk over to your co-worker and give it to them personally. Any type of walking is better than none. Avoid any easy routes to avoid walking.

5. Workout At Your Desk

Can’t seem to get away at your desk? Does your phone not have a headset? Don’t lose hope. You can still workout even if you can’t walk around. An alternative to walking in the office is to workout at your desk. There are many ways to tone your body slowly but surely by doing a few leg lifts and breathing methods at your desk.

6. Wake Up Earlier

One of the hardest things to do is to wake up early in the morning. Don’t make excuses. When you wake up, wake up. To help yourself open your eyes, do a couple of jumping jacks or push ups. For busy people, morning exercise is nearly impossible. Set your alarm five to ten minutes ahead and get yourself into the habit of starting of your morning with an exercise boost. It is great for your metabolism and it is cheaper and faster than coffee. Don’t give yourself excuses to put aside working out by sleeping in.

7. Use Your Lunch Wisely

More often than not, people put aside their lunch hour to take a nap or even worse, they work through their lunch. Instead, use it wisely by eating while you work thirty minutes before your actual lunch and use that hour to go to the nearest gym. If you don’t have a gym membership, run around the building or walk up and down the stairs for an hour to burn some extra pounds. If you have another co-worker with the same lunch hour as you, use the buddy system and take a walk with them.

8. Exercise After Work

Instead of asking your co-workers to get a drink after work or going to dinner. Ask them to go on a jog around the area before you head home. Working out with familiar people makes time go faster and it helps relieves stress from the entire day. Also, exercising before bed improves your sleep.


Liana Lin, full-time student at Cal State Northridge, Business Management and Fitness Guru’s Personal Trainer.

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