8 Tips to Losing Weight

Are you looking to cut a couple of inches before school starts? Are you determined to lose a couple of pounds before the next big family get together? Do you want to get into your favorite jeans? Get motivated, know your goals and don’t give up until you get there. Many people say they want to lose weight but a couple of weeks into their commitment, they realize its too much and return to their former state. Remember that you are not alone and that your friends and family are willing to help you.

1. Do NOT Skip Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast. Many people skip it to save time or to lose weight however, by skipping breakfast, the body’s metabolic rate reduces, making it harder to cut calories. By eating breakfast in the morning, it starts your metabolism and it gives you a strong energy boost. If you can’t find enough time to eat a full breakfast in the morning. Before you run out of the house, grab an apple. Eating breakfast will prevent you from snacking on something unhealthy later in the day when you get hungrier.  Also, when you decide to eat normally again, the body stores as much food as possible in your fat cells in case you decide to starve.

2. Say NO to Televised Diets

Don’t fall for the diet plans that say you’ll lose an “x” amount of weight if you follow this plan and eat this and that. The reason why diets do not work efficiently is because they are temporary. People start diets to lose weight to look great for a special dinner or an upcoming holiday. When following a diet plan, you don’t want to eat that way forever. The word diet is correlated with the word “torture”. The purpose of a diet plan is to help train you to control your cravings and regulate your exercise schedule. After the program is done, it is still up to you to maintain your results. What many people end up doing is, they reverse their results because they finished the diet program. Instead of following a strict diet plan advertised on television, throw away the junk food and replace your cravings for chips for an apple or an orange. Decide whether the way you want to eat is comfortable with you for the long run.

3. Slow and Steady

One of the key essentials to losing weight is to know your limits and learn to control your cravings. If you can’t live without that bag of chips, purchase a bag of chips with lesser calories or reduced fat. Can’t live without that can of soda? Order diet. What about coffee? The next time you’re at Starbucks, ask for non-fat milk and low-calorie sugar. The idea is to not jump to the end of the gun and eliminating all your bad habits in one day. Instead, try reducing them by substituting them with healthy habits. You can still enjoy the foods you love by purchasing healthier replacements. Training yourself to eat healthy is better than forcing yourself.

4. You Are What You Eat

It is difficult to say “no” when a waiter asks if you want desert with your meal. It’s okay to say yes. It’s okay to eat what you want, when you want and still lose weight.  The solution is to either minimize the portion of your meal or share your meals. Most restaurants have a reputation for serving large meals. People have a tendency to eat their whole plate without realizing how much there really is. Share your meals between your friends or put the amount you’d like to eat on a separate plate and have the rest to go. If you share your meals with a friend, not only are you cutting down your calorie intake but you save money! Another alternative to reducing your calorie intake is to cook with your friends at home. You can have fun learning a new dish, bond with your buddies, and you have control of the ingredients in your dish.

5. Do NOT Over Eat

A very common mistake people make is overeating. When you feel full, stop eating. There is no need to eat until you are going to explode .  Keep in mind that when you eat, it takes a while for the nutrients in your food to enter your bloodstream and send signals to your brain to let you know that you are full. Give your body enough time to digest the food by eating slowly. When eating out, start your meal with a soup or salad instead of a high-calorie appetizer. Ask for the dressing on the side and don’t drown your salad in dressing. Drink water instead of eating the bread and butter. Drinking water helps you get full faster so that it reduces your  consumption of your entree.

6. Know What You Eat

Be aware of what you eat. Learn to read the nutrition facts and how much of something you should really eat. A very common mistake that people make is that they ignore what is inside their food. Labels that say fat-free and sugar-free can be misleading. These types of foods can be helpful in losing weight but eating too much of it can reduce your weight losing process. Always check the labels and make sure what you think you’re eating is really what you’re eating.

7. Exercise, Period

The most important key to cutting that extra layer of fat and that extra bulge in your belly is by simply exercising. You don’t have to start out doing strenuous exercise but start out slow. Do an activity that you enjoy such as hiking, swimming, or jogging. Most experts recommend at least 30-60 minutes of exercise. If you are not used to being active, start by walking 2-3 times a week, then increase your speed as you feel comfortable. For those who work, it is hard to find time to exercise. Get up a couple of minutes earlier in the morning. If you can fit it in, walk or jog around the block, do a few push ups and sit ups before you head to work. Earlier morning workouts can help boost your metabolism and increase your energy throughout the day.

8. Buddy System

Motivation is very important to losing weight. Find a friend to work out with. Set a goal and try to reach them together. Working out with a friend can create competition and support. It is more fun and time will go faster. Remember that you are not alone. Let your buddies know what you are doing and how you want to get there. Have them help you with controlling your junk food intake and have them motivate you to continue your diet lifestyle when it gets tough.


Liana Lin, full-time student at Cal State Northridge, Business Management and Fitness Guru’s Personal Trainer.

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