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BeachClub Maui Inflatable Quick Spa

  • Portable
  • 130 Jets
  • Self Inflates
View Details - BeachClub Maui Inflatable Quick Spa

The BeachClub Maui quick inflatable spa allows you all the benefits of a full size spa without the permanent placement. With the easy portability you really can take it anywhere. With over 100 jets you get a full body massage and all you have to do is plug it in and watch it inflate. Its ready to go in 5 minutes!!

SALE PRICE $ 999.00 WEB PRICE $ 1599.00

BeachClub Puerto Vallarta 2 Person Spa

  • Ozone Ready
  • Electronic Controls
  • 120 Volt
View Details - BeachClub Puerto Vallarta 2 Person Spa

Don’t have the space for a full sized spa? Enjoy this BeachClub Puerto Vallarta 2 person space saving model and get all the benefits of a full sized hot tub. Just plug it in!

SALE PRICE $ 2699.00 WEB PRICE $ 4599.00

BeachClub Curacao 4 Person Spa

  • 1 HP Pump
  • 4 person
  • 12 Volt Light
View Details - BeachClub Curacao 4 Person Spa

The BeachClub Curacao easily fits 4 adults with plenty of Jets for everyone to relax with a great massage. Plug it into any 120V outlet and enjoy the luxury of your own Hot Tub!

SALE PRICE $ 2999.00 WEB PRICE $ 5999.00

BeachClub Maldives 8 Person Spa

  • Acrylic Shell
  • 4 HP Pump
  • Ozone Ready
View Details - BeachClub Maldives 8 Person Spa

The BeachClub Maldives 8 person full size spa offers 47 jets and a 4 HP motor. Relax in comfort after a long hard day at work or enjoy a great massage after a tough workout.

SALE PRICE $ 4999.00 WEB PRICE $ 7349.00

BeachClub Boracay Stereo Spa

  • 4 HP Pump
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • Ozone Ready
View Details - BeachClub Boracay Stereo Spa

The BeachClub Boracay is a high end spa an has all the bells and whistles. Enjoy over 70 jets for the ultimate massage, This spa has 2 4hp Pumps and comes with an AM/FM Stereo.

SALE PRICE $ 6499.00 WEB PRICE $ 9999.00

BeachClub Mauritius Massage Spa

  • Seats 8
  • 60 Jets
  • 4 HP Pump
View Details - BeachClub Mauritius Massage Spa

With the touch of a button, the user can program 14 different pulse massage cycle patterns on their back. Its like having a personal masseuse massaging those tired aching muscles and washing all your cares away.

SALE PRICE $ 8999.00 WEB PRICE $ 12999.00

BeachClub Seychelles Fitness Spa

  • 6 Swim Jets
  • 4 HP Pump
  • Marble Acrylic shell
View Details - BeachClub Seychelles Fitness Spa

Come home to your own personal Aqua Gym. Deep foot well and powerful variable speed current make this the first hot tub you can actually jog or walk in.

SALE PRICE $ 12999.00 WEB PRICE $ 16999.00
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