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star trac

Star Trac Pro

Star Trac Pro

The Star Trac Pro is the newest edition to the Star Trac family. Unlike other treadmills, the Star Trac Pro Treadmill is built on comfort and durability. However this treadmill is not created for the home. It is powered by a 5.0 horsepower DC motor, made with Star Trac’s SoftTrac, which is a patented Impact Absorption System that is created to provide the most comfortable walking, running, and climbing experience available and provides a large incline between up to 15 percent. It is the high end of commercial treadmills and is packed with a heavy amount of goodies. Star Trac Pro

The design of the Star Trac Pro is absolutely amazing. A new feature on the Pro is its Aero Bars. They are located directly under the display console is it makes it easy for user’s to use the Pro as a climbing machine to gain stability while gaining an easy grasp on the handles. Also, the Aero Bars has a built in new and improved iPulse, which accurately monitors a user’s heart rate. Like other treadmills, the Star Trac Pro treadmill comes with a display console that shows gives a precise calculation of your running distance, speed, watts, remaining time and etc.

Star Trac Pro

Star Trac Pro are known to create innovative commercial-grade exercise treadmills with attractive curved bodies.  Star Trac Pro come with IntelliTrac self-guiding display which makes every workout fun and Star Trac Proschallenging. Designed by BMW, Star Trac Pro are exclusive to health clubs and are the most advanced commercial grade treadmills available for home gyms. Anyone can exercise in luxury in the comfort of their own home with Star Trac Pro and their high standard equipment.

Star Trac Pro treadmills are known for their large running surfaces and powerful 2.5 hp motor. Made with high quality materials and SoftTrac technology, the running surface is created to absorb maximum shock to prevent damage to the joints and knees during training.

As a luxury, the Star Trac Pro is also equipped with two water bottle holders diamond-plate footpads. The water bottle holders allow the storage of a nice cold beverage to keep the user refreshed and also to hold iPods and media players to maintain momentum throughout a workout. The diamond-plate footpads are located on each side of the Star Trac Pro’s side rails to allow the user to monitor their weight if they choose, even with the machine off. Also the Star Trac Pro has two built in fans to create a luxury comfort for the runner.

Like many treadmills, the Star Trac Pro is also equipped with many of the standard features such as a scrolling screen that provides the time, laps, mileage, and workout feedback. The Star Trac Pro is definitely a great purchase for any gym because it comes with amazing 9 workout programs and fitness tests programs. This is also great for any gym because with the Personal Training Studio, it allows over 50 personal trainers to save their custom workouts right into the machine.

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