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star trac

Star Trac Bike

Star Trac Bike

Star Trac was started in 1974 by BMW, which gave them a starting reputation has a world leader in manufacturing. They are known to be one of the top manufactures of commercial fitness equipment. Under their large line of commercial equipment, they are known to manufacture elliptical trainers, cross-trainers, exercise bikes, stair climbers, and their ever popular treadmills. With over 2 million customers in lover 65 countries as their Star Trac Bikeconsumers, Star Trac has built themselves to become one of the most recognized companies all over the world.

Unlike other commercial fitness equipment manufactures, Star Trac bikes are known to have a very unique design and distinct price. Their bodies are strong and can withstand strong impact and on top of their amazing design, they have an amazingly high price tag. However, Star Trac Bikes are worth every penny. Unlike other bikes, Star Trac meets all the high standards of commercial equipment.

Star Trac Bike

Star Trac Bikes are considered to be the ultimate spin bikes and is not built specifically for the everyday bike rider. It is aimed to target serious athletes who wish to built improve their strength, cardio, and endurance training. Star Trac bikes are known to push every rider to the next level with its variations in workout routine. What Star Trac bikes do well that others don’t is that they are built to imitate outdoor running with the indoor atmosphere. It provides the best real bike feel and design to consistently give the rider the ride of their lives.

Star Trac bikes are equipped with dual sided pedals with large platforms and SPD compatibility making them the best bike for serious riders looking for serious training. The Star Trac bikes also comes with adjustable seats and handle bars to create the best fit for all body sizes and non slip grip handles to give a comfortable ergonomically correct seating. If you are looking for luxury, you are looking at one of the most luxurious bikes on the market.

Another amazing feature of the Star Trac Bike is their protective design. They are designed with plastic rims on the inner radius to protect the fly wheel from rusting. Also there is a pop pin slider adjustment system and a push brake safely system which allows the user to bring the flywheel to an emergency stop with minimal effort. Star Trac Spin Bike

Overall, the Star Trac Bike is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. It will provide years of great spin bike exercise. Equipped with tons of programs, this machine will fit nicely in everyone’s exercise program to assist in reaching every fitness goal. It is one of the most luxurious and most desired bikes in the commercial fitness industry.

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