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Stairmaster Stepmill

Stairmaster Stepmill was started by Lanny Potts in 1983 when he came out with the invention of the Stairmaster 5000, a revolving stepmill. In 1986, the Stairmaster 4400 was invented, which is a stepmill with two pedals. Later in May 2002, Stairmaster was taken over by Nautilus, Inc, the manufacturer of Bowflex and Schwinn. Stairmaster Stepmill is greatly known for their manufacture of stepmills, stairclimbers, and steppers. Since the invention of the Stairmaster 7000PT, stairmaster has earned their reputation has one of the largest fitness equipment leaders all over the globe.

Stairmaster Stepmills beat treadmills any day. If you are looking for powerful cardiovascular machines that will workout your lower body, forget about the ellipticals, bikes and treadmills. Anyone at any fitness level will get a full body sweat and workout from any stairmaster stepmill. It is the ultimate workout for the lower body muscles that other cardio fitness equipment cannot provide. It provides a constant challenge because it is a constant uphill and climb. It full imitates a uphill walk or run, depending on your preference.

For those who don’t mind walking or running up a treadmill, a Stairmaster Stepmill is a perfect alternative, actually it may be a better alternative. Instead of pounding your feet on the treadmill or trying to run up on your tippy toes, on a Stairmaster stepmill, you can go on every step with a full step and engage every lower body muscle along with it. On top of the engagement of every leg muscle there is, it works best on your buttocks and thighs, giving every woman the legs of their dreams.Stairmaster Stepmill

Stairmaster Stepmill

Using a Stairmaster stepmill is completely easy. There are 6 preprogrammed courses and over 20 resistance levels to provide the ultimate varied workout. The Stairmaster also comes with speed variations ranging from 24 to 162 a minute.

If you are looking for the perfect Stairmaster, there are several styles to choose from. Some Stairmasters come with pedals or the more popular, revolving stairs. Also, Stairmaster stepmills are upright and do not take up a large amount of space in any home or gym.

The Stairmaster 4400 and Stairmaster 4600 are quite similar. They both come with pedals and side arm rails. The Stairmaster Stepmill 4600 can be manual and cordless and is very compact. It is easy to use and takes up little space due to its upright structure.

There is also the Stairmaster 7000PT which resembles an uphill walk or run or a flight of stairs. People usually prefer the Stairmaster 7000PT because it provides a harder cardiovascular workout and targets the lower body more so than the previous versions.Stairmaster Stepper

Overall the Stairmaster stepmill is perfect for anyone with leg injuries and cannot be placing strong impact on their knees. It is great for the lower body as well as the back because the workout causes you to stand up straight to refrain from falling. Stairmasters can become pocket pickers because of their high demand, though they are definitely worth every penny. If you are unable to purchase a Stairmaster Stepmill or fit one in your home, any major brand gym or independent gym will definitely have a couple.

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