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Stairmaster 7000PT

In any major brand name gym or even an independent gym, you will find the four most popular cardiovascular fitness equipment; ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent and upright bikes, and Stairmasters. Since 1983, Stairmaster has built their name and reputation to becoming a well known leader all over the world as one of the top manufactures for fitness equipment. Bought out by Nautilus, Inc in 2002, they are still one of the top names all over the globe.

Stairmaster 7000pt

In the beginning of the whole stair climbing excitement, Stairmaster first came out with the Stairmaster 5000 which started out as a treadmill. Later, in the 1986, Stairmaster came out with the invention of the Stairmaster 4400 and Stairmaster 4600, which was a stair climber with two pedals. These two machines were similar in the design and were one of the first stair climbers ever built to focus on the lower body muscles.

What makes the Stairmaster 7000PT is that it’s a revised version of the original stair stepper. It imitates a real stair climbing experience by using a revolving staircase. The Stairmaster 7000PT varies in speed and can imitate walking or running up a flight of stairs. On this specific machine, each full step is 8” high which gives a complete stair walking experience. In comparison to the previous versions of Stairmaster, the Stairmaster 7000PT is equipped with an assortment of programs and features.

When people first see the Stairmaster 7000PT, it is often mistaken as a weak machine. Many fear the machine because it is very unique and different from the traditional fitness equipment. The Stairmaster 7000PT has become a cult all of its own. It is actually one of the toughest cardiovascular machines in a gym mainly because it is a constant challenge. Not only are you constantly walking or running uphill, which creates a challenge already but it does not decline like a treadmill. Unlike ellipticals, it does not have movable arms, ramps, or stride lengths. On the Stairmaster 7000PT, you are on a constant climb to the top and working out your thighs, hamstrings, calves, and your entire lower body.

Stairmaster 7000PT

The Stairmaster 7000PT is also equipped with 6 preprogrammed workouts including the famous quick start. The preprogrammed workouts include quick start, manual, fat burner, calorie burner, heart rate zone trainer, and speed intervals. Unlike past Stairmasters, the Stairmaster 7000PT includes a ton of varied programs to challenge every athlete. On top of the 6 programs, there are also over 20 different resistant levels and speeds ranging from 24 to 162 steps a minute. You will never get bored on this machine because you are always trying to maintain your speed and endurance to refrain from falling.

Overall, this machine will offer the best workout of all the other cardio machines. It is a constant challenge and is the perfect fit for anyone of any fitness level. Many people nowadays focus more on their legs and lower body more so than their upper body. If you fall under this category, the Stairmaster 7000PT is the perfect fitness machine for you.

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