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Stairmaster 4400

Stairmaster is a well known leader all over the globe for their amazing invention of stairmasters, steppers, and stair climbers. Lanny Potts introduced StairMaster in 1983, where he first introduced StairMaster 5000, which was a rotating staircase machine. At the time it was a rotating staircase machine, sometimes called a step treadmill. In 1986, StairMaster introduced the Stairmaster 4400, which was built with two pedals with independent motion to imitate stair climbing. Since the Stairmaster 4400 was released, StairMaster has become one of the world leaders in stair climber manufacturing. In May 2002, Stairmaster was bought out by Nauilus, Inc, who is not the manufacturer of Bowflex, Trimline, and Schwinn exercise equipment.

Stairmaster 4400

The Stairmaster 4400 is not only built for commercial use but also for the home. In many gyms today, you will find a long line waiting after every Stairmaster 4400. There is no doubt that Stairmaster is the crave of every athlete. It provides a strong and challenging cardio workout and can deliver more than a treadmill, elliptical, or bike.Stairmaster 4400 Stepper

The Stairmaster 4400 has worked hard to maintain their reputation as one of the most trusted Stepmill and stepper fitness facilities in the world. With their wide range of Stairmaster collections, each one is made to fit anyone of any size. Unlike an elliptical, there are no movable arms and no ramp to focus on specific muscles. Instead, every step you take imitates a walk up a steep hill, which engages all your lower body muscles. Unlike a bike, you cannot sit comfortably in an ergonomically correct seat because you are engaging your entire body to stay upright and to continue climbing to refrain from falling. And unlike a treadmill, it does not decline or incline because you are only stepping. The Stairmaster 4400 provides resistance and speed variations to give anyone who is looking for a challenge.

Stairmaster 4400

The Stairmaster 4400 is an amazing cordless stepper that gives the user a hill-like workout without going outside. Unlike a treadmill or elliptical, the Stairmaster 4400 creates a constant inclining workout to engage the lower body to the fullest extent. Because of the wide range of workout options, the Stairmaster 4400 is able to provide a constant motivation and challenge for anyone who uses it.

With its new upright rail-less configuration design, the Stairmaster 4400 promotes correct posture and the ability to cheat by transferring the weight to the arms. With 20 levels of intensity and 7 different workout programs, any user is able to modify their workout to their liking. The Stairmaster 4400 is also equipped with an amazing electronic braking system to prevent injuries and has a display console that shows the standard time elapsed, calories, and floors climbed to maintain motivation and excitement during a workout. The workout provided by the Stairmaster 4400 is unlike other fitness equipment. It is a constant challenge and is a very addicting workout.

Like other Stairmasters, the Stairmaster 4400 comes with a price tag around $3000. However, the value and quality that comes with the stair climber is worth every cent. I would recommend the Stairmaster 4400 to anyone who wants a more erect posture and a workout that focuses more on the lower body muscle. This is great for women, runners, bikers and anyone who is interested in working out their legs and buttocks.

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