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Precor Information

In any major brand name gym or even a small independent gym, you will find several Precor machines. Precor was started in 1984 and in 1990 they gained their reputation as one of the top manufactures of treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes for both the home and commercial gym. In a very short period of time, Precor was able to claim themselves as one of the world leaders in the fitness industry. Precor is one of the most trusted manufactures because their equipment is high in quality, durable, and amazingly low in maintenance. Most of their equipment is created with welded steel frames making their structure very strong and capable of withstanding strong impact. When going into a gym, you will often find that Precors fitness equipment rarely needs maintenance.


Precor’s commercial line of units is one of the most favorable of their equipment. Their fitness machines are fit for any fitness level. Even if you are the everyday walker or the everyday athlete looking for a challenging workout, Precor will provide everything you need. They are built to last and to provide the ultimate total body workout. Known for their amazing design and high performance, they are also equipped with an amazing display console. The tap controls are extremely easy to use and easy to navigate. While working out, you will be able to adjust your workout whether you are running on the treadmill or striding on the elliptical. Each Precor equipment has a built in display console which really helps the user maintain and manage their workout efficiently. The display console shows a ton of information that can be helpful such as distance, watts, time remaining, heart rate, and much more. The display also comes with an emergency button so that the machine will slowly reduce in speed and decline in height as needed in any situation.

Most of Precor’s equipment is also built with a high dosage of horse power making every run or stride more powerful than on other fitness equipment. Also, all Precor machines are equipped with durable and unique suspension systems. This is a new innovative technology advanced by Precor to reduce injuries on the knees. Often times, athletes injure their legs and knees by running long term on cement. The suspension systems provide support for the back and joints which is more beneficial to anyone who is health conscience. With any Precor equipment, you will for sure break a sweat.Precor 546


Precor has a long line of home and commercial fitness equipment. Precor treadmills are one of the top favorites for consumers. They are built with excellence and among the competitors; Precor is one of the best. They are known for their large running surfaces and ability to imitated running or walking outdoors without damaging the legs. Also, Precor treadmills come with a 4.0 horsepower motor to provide an Integrated Footplant Technology, which is an innovative creation to control the belt speed making every step comfortable. Take the Precor 996i for example; many say that the Precor 996i is the ultimate treadmill for commercial faculties. It is filled with tons of amazing goodies such as 30 different programs to provide a varied workout. Every program allows the user to adjust the difficulty and speed of the training. The 30 preset programs also include six fitness tests, while the Ground Effects Impact provides the feet with support to prevent injuries. The bonus on the Precor 966i is also that it comes with 12-inch personal viewing screen. It also has a Personal Entertainment Support which is compatible with video players such as Zune, iPod, and many others. Precor 966i is a luxury in itself.

Other Precors such as the Precor 956i Experience Series Treadmill offers similar luxuries however, it has a few differences. Like the Precor 966i, the Precor 956i is also compatible with other fitness entertainment and is also built with a tap control display console. The difference between the two includes plenty of storage and foam handrails. The storage on the Precor 956i is enormous. It can hold two large water bottles with extra space to place your music player. It also comes with a solid running bed made with sturdy 1-inch intergraded running deck. The amazing thing about the solid running bed is that it does not Precor 556require lubrication so it always runs smoothly. It can also be reversed to double its life. The Precor 956i Experience Series Treadmill also comes with a 15% incline ramp to imitate uphill running or walking. The uphill and downhill capability really helps the user workout every lower body muscle possible. The Precor 966i also comes with side rails to help stabilize the runner or walker throughout their workout. Also, there is a built in heart rate monitor that provides an accurate evaluation of the user’s heart rate. Many people enjoy this feature because they start off their workout with cardiovascular exercise. With the heart rate monitor, any user can maintain their heart rate to warm themselves up.

Precor AMT

The Precor C966i Treadmill is also another favorite that you will find at Ballys Total Fitness, LA Fitness, or 24-Hour Fitness. Those who are capable of affording a luxury treadmill usually purchase the Precor C966i Treadmill because it is more upright and compact that the others. It comes with a 4.0AC Motor and 21 programs that ranges from a weight-loss program to a 5k running course. Also the great aspect of the Precor C966i is also that it has a -3% decline to imitate downhill running, which many treadmills do not have. Another thing that makes the Precor C966i Treadmill so different from others is also that its handrails are vertical and not horizontal. It motivates the runner to refrain from holding onto the rails to support themselves and to focus on engaging their entire body during the workout. Many people prefer the Precor C966i Treadmill due to its rare ability to decline. It is considered a one of a kind treadmill and a must buy for any home gym.Precor C846I

Many people also enjoy Precor’s line of ellipticals. Precor’s ellipticals are one of a kind because unlike Life Fitness, Precor provides an adjustable ramp. Like the treadmills, the ellipticals also have a tap control display console. People love Precor’s ellipticals because the display allows you to focus on specific muscles on your lower body. With just one touch of a button, you can incline or decline the ramp and the display will show you exactly with muscles you will be focusing on. This is great for those who want to work specifically on their buttocks, hamstrings, thighs, or calves. Also, the Precors with ramps are much more challenging workouts than those without ramps because with ramps you are restrained in a specific stride length.Precor Commercial Elliptical

The Precor EFX 546 Elliptical is a great machine. It comes with a heart rate monitor on the handles that precisely provide information about the user’s heart rate to help maintain and manage a challenging workout.  On the Precor EFX 546 elliptical you stand upright holding two handrails. If you do not prefer handrails, the workout could become more intense without them. The handrails on the Precor EFX 546 elliptical unlike the Life Fitness ellipticals are not movable arms. There are pro and cons to movable arms. The pro is that you can engage your entire body into the workout by moving your arms back and forth to imitate a natural stride. The con is that you cannot specifically focus on your lower body. Many people feel that they just want to workout their legs and raise their heart rate on a cardio machine. The Precor EFX 546 does not have movable arms so that you can fully focus on specific muscles on your legs. Also, because you cannot rely on your hands to move your body, it raises the heart rate much quicker because it is more challenging. Overall the Precor EFX 546 is a great commercial elliptical for any home. It comes with 8 pre-programmed courses including, manual, crosstraining 1, crosstraining 2, crosstraining 3, gluteal 1, gluteal 2, interval, and weight loss interval.

Precor Commercial Treadmill

Another great machine is the Precor 556 and Precor 556i. Both are similar machines however the Precor 556i is a cordless model. The Precor 556 is currently one of the most popular cardiovascular machines on the market. In any gym, you will find Precor ellipticals more so than other fitness equipment. The great thing about Precor 556 is that it has movable arms much like Life Fitness’ ellipticals. It provides both arms and ramp so that you can focus on both your lower body muscles and your upper body muscles. It comes with 20 resistant levels to provide a very challenging workout and also a no-impact forward and backwards stride. The Precor 556 has the option to either stride backwards or forwards to help workout specific muscles on the legs.Precor EFX576i

One of the top machines in the fitness industry at the moment is Precor’s Amt 100i Elliptical. This machine is the king of all ellipticals. This machine can be difficult to find in gyms mainly because of its price. However, the machine is worth every penny because it does everything it claims and is everything any athlete needs. According to Precor, the AMT 100i “moves the way you move”. It allows the user to customize their workout by adapting to your workout. Do you have narrow or wide stride? Is your stride long or short? The AMT 100i allows you to workout the way you want to work out depending on your body type. It is the ultimate machine that fits anyone of any size and any fitness level. It comes with a stride between 0-27 and presents both a stepper and an elliptical. The Precor AMT 100i can imitate running, walking, climbing, and stride all in one machine.

The Precor AMT 100i also has built in dual action arms, which provide the user a total body workout without having to change machines. The Precor AMT 100i is based off the idea of Adaptive Motion. Because no two workouts are the same, why not combine all your cardiovascular workouts into one machine? It will help engage every muscle in the body and help you reach your fitness goals.

Precor are also famous for their bikes. Precor sells both recumbent and upright bikes. Upright bikes speak for themselves; they are compact and can be a bit difficult to ride. Upright bikes imitate outdoor riding where the rider can pedal standing up without holding onto the handles. Many serious riders prefer the upright because it exercises all the leg muscles. Also it allows the rider to feel like they are riding or climbing a mountain as if they are on a traditional bike. Recumbent bikes on the other hand, are more comfortable and allow the user to pedal more comfortably without being upright. It is much more relaxing more so than the upright bikes.

Precor Elliptical

The Precor C846i for example is a very light commercial machine used for moderate use. Precor C846i actually comes with the option of either upright or recumbent. The goal of the Precor C846 is to imitate real outdoor bike riding. It is designed to focus on muscle improvement on the lower body. Most of Precor bikes including the Precor C846 are built with ergonomically correct seating to prevent lower back injuries. What makes the Precor C846i special are Poly-V belts. Instead of chains, it is has a built in magnetic, no-contact generator system to provide constant resistance and to reduce maintenance.

Overall, the purpose and target of Precor is to promote a healthier balanced life. Each of their fitness equipment is built to fit anyone of any fitness level.  There are

Precor Treadmill

several commercial equipment to choose from ranging from commercial treadmills to ellipticals. The treadmills are known for their design and strong body. The ellipticals are known for their ramps which focus specially on whichever lower body muscle you want. If you are looking for the perfect cardio machine and value, the Precor AMT 100i will be your best friend. Precor is one of the largest world leaders in the fitness industry. With any purchase of any fitness equipment, you will not regret your decision.

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