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Precor Elliptical

Precor Elliptical

Since 1995, Precor has been the first in mind when purchasing an elliptical. Since then, they have carefully designed collections of ergonomic Precor ellipticals that are high in quality, durable, comfortable, and luxurious. Precor Ellipticals are one of the most trusted manufactures known in the fitness industry. They are greatly known for the long line of elliptical collections, which have made amazing advancements throughout the years. Though Precor ellipticals can be a bit pricey, the quality is worth every penny. Unlike treadmills, Precor ellipticals are self-powered which helps better engage the entire body. The key to the exercise is to either go forward or in reverse while intensifying the resistance and by increasing the speed. Also, because it is self-powered, most of the ellipticals are cordless, making it easy to be placed in any area of the home.

Precor Elliptical

The qualities on the Precor ellipticals are absolutely superb. Created with ergonomically correct handrails and welded steel frame, every user is able to comfortably use the machine over a long period of time without maintenance. The display consoles are all soft touch and tap controlled making it easy for anyone to adjust their workout to the way they want it to. Precor ellipticals are easy to use and most importantly, they provide a fun and challenging indoor workout.

The feature that Precor focuses on with the elliptical is its CrossRamp technology. Precor Ellipticals created this breakthrough technology which allows the user to incline in height to focus on different lower body muscles. There are keys on the main display allowing the user to focus on several parts of the lower body muscles. The display also shows where and which muscles will be focused on, which allows the user to really maintain and work out their desired areas. The main idea of the CrossRamp is to add a variety of workouts. A user is able to incline or decline while in motion however, the adjustment does not affect the difficulty of the workout unless resistance is added. Many of the Precors are equipped several resistance levels. The Precor EFX 5.17i Elliptical is designed to have 4 different programs and 20 resistance levels.

Precor Elliptical

The Precor 966i Experience Series Treadmill is apart of Precor’s new line of commercial treadmills. This Precor Elliptical is filled with 30 programs to mix and match a variety of speed, incline, and other challenging Precor Elliptical 546workouts to work every muscle in the human body. The Precor 966i Experience Series is filled with new technology to fit every movement to perfect the human and machine relationship. Precor Ellipticals are equipped with the advanced 4.0 horse power and Ground Effect Impact Control System, any user is able to work out without the fear of hurting their knees and back, which can be more comfortable than running outdoors.

Overall, Precor ellipticals are one of the top elliptical manufacturers in the USA. Their ellipticals are equipped with luxurious accessories such as ipod holders, water bottle holders, heart rate monitors, calorie and distance estimations, and some even over televisions. Precor ellipticals are perfect for the home as well as any business facility. They fit any user ranging from the everyday walker to the everyday athletic marathon runner. Whoever you are, you will be able to achieve the maximum workout you desire without having to get out the house.

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