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Life fitness

Life Fitness Machines

Life Fitness Machines

Life Fitness machines are profound all over the world. They are one of the most trusted and most popular fitness equipment manufactures. They are known to create superb home and commercial fitness treadmill, ellipticals, and bikes. Life Fitness Machines was created in 1968, under a division under Brunswick Corporation. This corporation was created over three decades ago and every single year, they have not lost their rank as one of the most prominent fitness manufactures. Brunswick began their business with the invention of the Lifecycle Bike and they have not broken their promise to creating the top machines yet! They have 12 international subsidiaries with over 1,700 employees. Life Fitness machines’ consists of over 300 different strength and cardio training products for every fitness level with over 186 dealers and distributors in more than 120 countries. Knowing this, there is no doubt that Life Fitness machines are one of the top manufactures.

Life Fitness machines have over 50 patents in the United States, meaning their products is very unique. Their products can be found all over the world and in is one of the most popular brands in the commercial market today. Life Fitness machines offer one of the best values there is. They are found in all health clubs such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, and Bally’s Total Fitness.

Life Fitness machines are a bit pricey however they are worth every penny. They are known for their durability and stability. They can withstand daily impact very well and for those who want the best of the best, a Life Fitness machine is definitely the way to go.

Life Fitness Machines

Life Fitness Machines

Life Fitness machines consists of treadmills such as the Life Fitness 9500NG Treadmill. The Life Fitness 9500NG Treadmill is built with a patented Flex Deck Shock absorption system to reduce pain on the knees and ankles. Life Fitness Treadmills are known for its large running surface to fit all fitness levels ranging from long strides to short strides and wide to narrow strides. Life Fitness machines are also ergonomically correct to prevent strains on the body which in turn promotes a healthier life in the long run.

Life Fitness Machine

The overall goal of Life Fitness machines is to promote a healthy exercising environment at a home or at the commercial gym. They are equipped with a variety of luxurious accessories such as iPod holders, large water bottle holders and fans. They are also equipped with an amazing display which comes with a heart rate monitor called Lifepulse and Polar digital heart rate to provide a precise calculation of ones heart rate. Also, there are programs which allow the user to set the heart rate goal they would like to reach.

There are also numerous programs built in to provide challenging workouts such as inclining or declining hills. Most of the Life Fitness machines are packed with a 4.0 horsepower motor which makes running even more comfortable. If you want a machine that is worth your money, a product from Life Fitness machines is the way to go.

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