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Life fitness

Life Fitness Elliptical

Life Fitness Elliptical

Life Fitness Ellipticals are among the best of the competition. They are found in most health clubs, many business facilities and homes. They are easy to use, great for seniors, and some say they are more comfortable that treadmills. Life Fitness was created as a division under Brunswick Corporation, which was started over three decades ago. The company started out by creating a Lifecycle exercise bike and since then, the company has grown to become both the leader in the commercial and residential fitness market. In edition to the great line of Life Fitness Ellipticals, Life Fitness is also the creator cross-trainers, treadmills, and has over 50 United States patents. Over the course of fitness history, Life Fitness Ellipticals are one of the most popular in elite gyms.

Life Fitness Elliptical

Life Fitness Ellipticals focus mainly on design, research, testing, and biomechanics. It is the key aspect for high quality fitness equipment. On top of the commercial line of products, Life Fitness Ellipticals are also made for the home. They have several models for the home such as X1, X3, X5, and X7. One great improvement Life Fitness Ellipticals have advanced on is their adjustable stride length system. It’s preferred by trainers and athletes to be able to adjust their workouts and stride lengths. Because Life Fitness Ellipticals can provide such a varied workout, Life Fitness Ellipticals are fit for any user.

Life Fitness EllipticalsLife Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Life Fitness Ellipticals are proven to get the work done no matter how simple or difficult. Many users purchase Life Fitness Ellipticals mainly because it is easy to use, fun to use, and because it works. Mainly because it lasts long, durable, and low maintenance, Life Fitness Elliptical is one of America’s favorite equipment to use.

Unlike Precor Ellipticals, Life Fitness Ellipticals can be much simpler to use because they provide varied stride lengths whereas Precor Ellipticals create a restraint because it has a cross ramp.  Life Fitness Ellipticals are also one of the world’s smoothest total-body cardiovascular workout machines. With its movable arms and varied strides, any user is able to integrate full body workouts all in one machine.

Life Fitness Ellipticals are also extremely low maintenance. They are self-powered making some of the ellipticals capable of being cordless and also, it creates more of a challenge than treadmills because the user must use their own strength to maintain speed and stride.

Most of Life Fitness Ellipticals also have oversized pedals to provide a more comfortable footing for those with large shoe sizes. Also, the pedal space is much narrower to prevent stress on the lower back and lateral hip shifting. One machine in particular that is absolutely amazing the Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical Cross-Trainer. It is equipped with a unique display console and heart rate monitoring. Also, the 95X Inspire makes it easy to adjust the workout intensity that the tip of the user’s fingers. The Life Fitness 95X Elliptical on the other hand provides the same amenities however, it is equipped with the extra feature of ergonomic handles to prevent cheating. Overall, Life Fitness Ellipticals are similar to Precor Ellipticals except that they do not have the Cross Ramp technology, which can be a positive for those who want more control on their stride.

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