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Life fitness

Life Fitness Cross Trainers

Life Fitness Cross Trainers

In 1968, Brunswick Corporation created a lower division called Life Fitness. Life Fitness started an invention called the Lifecycle Bike which gave them the reputation as a trusting company. Since then, they have created over 50 United State patents and took themselves to the top of the list in fitness history. Life Fitness is known to be one of the best manufactures of elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stair climbers. The great aspect of Life Fitness is that they create products for both the home and commercial environment.

Life Fitness Cross Trainers

Their most popular line of products is Life Fitness Cross Trainers. They are found in every major health club that you can name ranging from independent names such as Gold’s Gym to Bally’s Total Fitness, LA Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness. Over the course of history, they have built themselves to be a very trustworthy company with a strong reputation to create products of quality.

Life Fitness Cross Trainers

Life Fitness Cross Trainers have very unique designs, biomechanics, research and testing. Unlike Precor, they do not use CrossRamp technology rather they use moveable arms to target a full body workout. Life Fitness Cross Trainers have a very distinct line of home products such as the X1, X3, X5, and X7. All of the home line products use a rear drive system which means the spinning wheels behind the user while they work out. The strides are usually flat which makes every stride very comfortable and is an imitation of a natural stride.

Another great aspect of Life Fitness Cross Trainers is their adjustable stride length. Rather than a Cross Ramp, the user is able to adjust the stride according to the length of their legs rather than the machine. Ultimately, this makes it easy for anyone of any size, fitness level, and age to use. The X7 however is a different type of Life Fitness Cross Trainer. Instead of an adjustable stride length, the X7 has a range from 18-24” in length.

Life Fitness Cross trainers are also extremely low maintenance. They are self-powered making some of the ellipticals capable of being cordless and also, it creates more of a challenge than treadmills because the user must use their own strength to maintain speed and stride.

Life Fitness Crosstrainer Home Gym

The pedals on many of the Life Fitness Cross trainers are oversized, creating comfortable strides. To prevent stress on the lower back or lateral hip shifting, the pedal space is narrower. For example on the Life Fitness 95X Inspire, it is the newest product to the line of Life Fitness Cross trainers. It has amazing pedals that are ergonomically correct. Most importantly, it has a built in display console and heart rate monitoring to give precise reading of ones workout status such as heart rate, pace, distance, remaining time, and etc. Many are created with ergonomically correct moveable arms to prevent cheating and to activate a full body workout. Overall, Life Fitness Cross trainers are worth every penny. They are durable, high in quality and low maintenance and will make the perfect workout in any home or gym.

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