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Cybex Arc Trainer

Cybex Arc Trainer

Many people who are looking into buying an elliptical machine overlook The CYBEX Arc Trainer.  It combines elements of a climber, hiker, and skier to produce an unmatched number of workout combinations. By varying resistances and inclines, the same area can be targeted in different ways, to build muscle, burn calorie or both.  There are a few different models but we will stick to the Cybex Arc Trainer 610A and the 630A in this article.  All the different models are very similar and really only differ with different options, the foundation of why this machine is so effective stays true through any product Cybex’s make. The Cybex Arc Trainer 610A was voted the best new product of 2004 & 2005 because of the revolutionary new intense workout that if offers.

The Cybex Arch Trainer is perfect for all fitness levels, no matter who gets on this machine your bound to get an awesome workout.  With the patented advanced stride technology you experience a smoother and more comfortable ride.  Along with the widest range of resistance you can see why there is such a huge demand for this unit.   The Cybex Arch Trainer is specifically designed to reduce the stress on your joints while still maintaining the highest level of performance so you get a great workout you keep coming back to.  With a total of 101 resistance levels and 11 levels of incline you will never outgrow your Cybex Arch Trainer.  If you want assistance with your workouts you can use the many different programs on the graphic display.  Choose from quick start, manual, interval, hill interval, cardio and strength, eight loss amongst others.  On the display you can keep track of distance, calories, METs, Strides per minute and multiple heart rate options.  You also have all the options to control time, incline and resistance levels.  Take all the main features and compare them to other similar machines on the market and you will soon see why the Cybex Arch Trainer is so common in high end fitness centers worldwide.

Cybex Arch Trainer

With the new developments in the quality of remanufacturing it is now also possible to buy a remanufactured Cybex Arch Trainer for an extremely good price.  You still get a warranty and all the same features you are just buying a used model.  If you are considering this trainer for your home, this is probable a more economical choice.  Chances are if you buy through the right company you won’t even know your machine isn’t brand new!

Cybex Arc Trainer

You can always tell how good a piece of fitness equipment is by the use they get in the gyms.  Usually when you see this arch trainer at your local health club there is a line to use it.  That is what we call a great sign.  It is built for all ages and sizes so that also makes it very versatile for anyone looking for the most bang for his or her buck.   Weather you are a runner, jogger or walker you can use any of the Cybex Arch Trainer and get the same workout in less time and with no impact to your body.  No longer do you need to have sore joints after you go on a run.  The fitness game is changing. why not keep up!

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